Why Internet Access in the US is Slow and Expensive

Many American citizens have noticed the high coast of broadband Internet connectivity throughout the United States, as well as the very high prices that often accompany it (compared to countries like South Korea, for example, or most of Europe). As … Continue reading

Unlocking Your Phone Will Soon Be Illegal

In the United States the Digital Millennium Copyright Act outlaws attempts to circumvent digital rights management tools. For a time, there was an exemption to this law regarding unlocking smartphones, but it its no longer in place. As of last … Continue reading

Free Voice Calling on Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently promised that their newest update to Facebook Messenger for the iPhone would include VoIP, which would let you call your Friends using a cellular or wi-fi data connection instead of your phone’s plan minutes. Gizmodo recently tested the … Continue reading

Is Flexible Mobile Data Possible?

Apparently the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! ItsOn Mobile has spent the past 4 years working in secret to make this happen. Their software for mobile carriers allows them to offer ‘dynamic pricing’ on their mobile data plans, meaning each … Continue reading

Something Amazing for Halloween

Pumpkin Tetris? Pumpkin Tetris. Online genius Nathan created what may well be the nerdiest Hallowe’en decoration of all time: a pumpkin that you can play Tetris on. He goes into detail of the construction on his blog, from the holes … Continue reading

How Games are Changing the World

Gizmodo has just posted a very interesting piece about some games or game designers who are using the medium as a way to advance social or scientific change. There’s a surprisingly varied number of ways that games and gaming are … Continue reading

Can Wi-Fi get any Faster?

Well, according to a team of Japanese researchers, it can - 20 TIMES FASTER, IN FACT! By experimenting with transmitting and receiving data in a part of the electromagnetic spectrum called the “T-Ray” band (in the 300 GHz and 3 … Continue reading

Will Moore’s Law Collapse?

Will Moore’s Law Collapse? Famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku thinks so. In case you’re wondering, Moore’s Law is the famous rule that states “The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two … Continue reading

Browse Securely on Open Wi-Fi Networks

With the increased popularity of Firesheep, surfing the Internet via an open wireless connection (like those found at coffee shops) has become an increasingly risky proposition. What is Firesheep, you ask? It’s a free browser extension that allows the user … Continue reading

A New Review!

That’s right, folks - we’re garnering even more attention! FilesDIRECT has been added to a list of safe sites by Webutation - a site that rates sites for their safety in terms of fraud and malware. The site seems to … Continue reading