It is often important for graphic designers to be in constant communication with their clients: you must be able to show them the work you have done and get feedback from them as you go. The files that you generate are often very large - far too large to send by email. FTP transfer is not a viable file sharing solution because who really wants the hassle of managing their own FTP server? Unless all your customers are nearby, burning your files onto a CD and then delivering them by hand or courier is prohibitively expensive (both in terms of time and money).

However, a web-based, easy to use file sharing utility will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. You will be able to send your files to your clients as you work, updating them as frequently as they (and you) desire. Your clients in turn will be able comment on your work and send commented or edited files back to you, saving you a lot of money on courier fees and improving communication with your clients by letting them feel more involved in the process.


file sharing

Jonas and Jason Design is a successful and respected name in the report creation business. Competitors have recently cropped up and Jonas and Jason were looking for something new to add to their range of services to further reinforce their market position.


Rapid communications with customers via FilesDIRECT Large File Transfer. Jonas and Jason’s clients were able to receive large files from the designer, discuss file changes and various design issues, and send them back faster than a courier could deliver them. The customers were thrilled with the speed and service that the designers provided.

The key to implementing rapid communication was easy and reliable electronic file transfers using the FilesDIRECT service. FilesDIRECT also facilitated the clients when they were sending large files back to the designers. The ability to send and receive files greatly improved communications between the clients and designers. FilesDIRECT made file sharing as simple as possible. No FTPs, no unsecured user names and passwords, just simple, easy to use web interfaces and reliable file sending and receiving. The designers were able to stop billing their clients for courier fees since they were sending large files over the internet instead of through the air. This resulted in a performance gain and money savings! Sign up today for a free trial and see how much time and money FilesDIRECT can save you!