Cash Reward to Crack Mega’s Encryption

In a Tweet early this morning, controversial Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom announced that he would offer a reward of 10,000 Euros (nearly $14,000 USD) to anyone who could crack the encryption used on Mega, his new Cloud storage service.

The main selling point of this new service is it’s user-controlled encryption, so it’s important to the folks in charge of the company to make sure it’s secure. Mega isn’t the first to do this - other tech companies like Firefox, Google and Dropbox also offer monetary rewards to those who find bugs in their systems.

Mega has already been fortunate to have the support of the global cryptographic community, who have been offering their assistance in refining Mega’s encryption and security. It is likely that the offer will solicit further assistance from computer users around the world.

cash reward offered by Kim Dotcom

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