Cash Reward to Crack Mega’s Encryption

In a Tweet early this morning, controversial Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom announced that he would offer a reward of 10,000 Euros (nearly $14,000 USD) to anyone who could crack the encryption used on Mega, his new Cloud storage service. The … Continue reading

Browse Securely on Open Wi-Fi Networks

With the increased popularity of Firesheep, surfing the Internet via an open wireless connection (like those found at coffee shops) has become an increasingly risky proposition. What is Firesheep, you ask? It‚Äôs a free browser extension that allows the user … Continue reading

Megaupload Shut Down

In what the U.S. Justice Department is calling “one of the largest criminal copyright cases ever”, internationally renown file-sharing site Megaupload (according to the Department of Justice, they had more than 50 million daily visitors and accounted for 4% of … Continue reading

Is FilesDIRECT a file sharing service?

No, FilesDIRECT is an online file transfer program. It allows users to send large files and receive large files directly to and from anyone over the Internet. Unlike file sharing sites, no one except the account holder or designated recipients … Continue reading

FilesDIRECT Awarded “Best Web Tool”!

We are happy to announce that Web Hosting Search (link below)¬†has recommended (and awarded) FilesDIRECT¬†as a Best Web Tool. We‚Äôre very excited by the recommendation (and the recognition) and thought we‚Äôd share it in their own words: “FilesDIRECT has been … Continue reading

File Sharing for Architects

Architecture is a field that greatly benefits from file sharing technologies - they allow for secure collaboration with clients and coworkers, greatly speed up design briefs and reduce project costs (like courier fees). Internet file sharing lets plans be accessed … Continue reading

File Sharing and Remote Working

The Internet is pretty darn cool, and the advent of cloud technology (like file sharing) means we can work and play online like never before. There are a lot of web applications available that let users share files: some are … Continue reading