As an engineer or architect, you must be able to deliver files to clients reliably and in a time conscious manner. Drawings and diagrams must be passed from various locations for discussions and approval from your clients, but very often your clients are in distant locations. Because of the nature of the files you create, they are usually too large for email transfer. Since not all of your clients are comfortable using FTP and courier fees are extremely expensive, you need a better way to send large files. If you are able to send and receive files from these clients in an easy to use web interface, you will have an advantage over your competitors. You will be able to send files to your clients as you work, updating them as frequently as they desire. Your clients in turn will be able comment and send the files back to you, saving you courier fees and saving you from having costly disagreements with your clients.

Examplelarge design files

Vertex Architects and Engineers is a small design firm offering integrated design services. They recently won a bid for a prestigious design contract from overseas and the company was very excited about gaining international name recognition. Vertex had never done any international design work and had not considered how to communicate with the overseas land developers. During the design process, they found themselves using expensive courier services to send design files and they would take days to travel from Vertex office all the way to the developer’s office. This was slowing down the design process and was beginning to hinder the momentum of the entire project. Seeking a better way to transfer the design files, Vertex turned to FilesDIRECT for an online file transfer solution.


FilesDIRECT allowed the developer to receive the large design files, discuss file changes and various design issues, and send them back faster than a courier could deliver them. FilesDIRECT facilitated both sending large files from Vertex to the contractor and receiving large files after changes had been made. FilesDIRECT was successful in allowing Vertex to work closely with the land developers despite the huge physical distance that separated the two companies. FilesDIRECT’s online file transfer system resulted in a performance gain and money savings! Sign up today for a free trial and see how much time and money FilesDIRECT can save you!