Modern manufacturing businesses cannot ignore the advent of the digital workplace. Customers are frequently demanding custom or customized products from manufacturers. The specifications that the customers require are usually stored in some kind of digital format, whether it be large CAD files or scans of hand drawings. Your company must have a way of receiving large files from your clients, and neither email or FTP is ideal, since the first option cannot handle large file transfer and the second option requires cumbersome and insecure login procedures.

Examplesend CAD files

American Custom Moldings is a small and successful plastic prototype molding company. It works with toy designers to build safe, economically viable plastic moulds for toys. ACM’s traditional operations relied on hand delivery of design files on Compact Disc, but this was inconvenient for the clients and ACM wanted a better way to do things. The complex 3D CAD files were often too large for email delivery and ACM did not want to have to hire IT staff to administer an FTP server. ACM decided to use FilesDIRECT as the solution to its large file sending and receiving needs.


Sending large files with FilesDIRECT is easy, and ACM had no worries about customers becoming confused or discouraged when sending files to them. The FilesDIRECT upload page was seamlessly integrated with their own website, allowing clients to send files to ACM in a transparent, hassle free way. Receiving large files at the ACM offices had never been so easy and FilesDIRECT services were actually able to improve customer satisfaction.

FilesDIRECT gives you the ability to receive large files in a reliable and user friendly way. No software ever has to be installed on your machine or your clients machine, and you do not need any technical background to start using FilesDIRECT. With your account, you will also be able to send large files. This allows you to quickly respond to or make suggestions to your client, providing them with feedback and an improved level of service. Sign up for a free trial today and see how FilesDIRECT can help your business!