As a printing company, most of the content submitted to you will be in digital form - so it’s important to be able to receive files. Your clients will include photographers, graphic designers, engineers, architects and people from all walks of life with varying levels of technical experience whose locations may not be anywhere near you! Since their skill and comfort level with computers will vary widely, you can have a huge advantage over your competitors if you can receive files from these clients with an easy to use online interface.

Additionally, the files you receive from your clients will often be too large for email (most email servers have a 5mb or 10mb limit on the size of attachments) and FTP file transfer is neither secure or easy for your customers to use. Traditional methods of hand delivery are both slow and expensive. FilesDIRECT’s large file transfer service is the easiest way to receive files from your clients.

Examplereceive large files

Elbow Creek printers was a small independent printing company with a sizable number of dependable clients. A continuous stream of orders came in every day, but a few competitors had started to appear around the city. Customers preferred Elbow Creek’s service but it was often more convenient for them to go to a closer copy shop.  What Elbow Creek wanted was a new method of receiving large files from its clients that was both convenient and easy to use.


The solution for Elbow Creek was online file transfer using FilesDIRECT. FilesDIRECT allowed Elbow Creek’s customers to send file content to them immediately, making Elbow Creek’s service more convenient than their competitors. Elbow Creek clients could send their files to the printer in just minutes, without ever leaving their offices. All digital files, no matter how large, could be sent for immediate review. The clients were so pleased with this service that they actually recommended Elbow Creek to other businesses. Orders from longtime clients were maintained and new clients from further away started to use Elbow Creek for their printing needs.

FilesDIRECT gives you the ability to receive files in a reliable, user friendly way

No software ever has to be installed on your machine or your clients machine. Being able to receive files isn’t the only benefit of FilesDIRECT. Your account lets you send large files too. This means you can quickly respond to or make suggestions to your client, providing them with instant feedback and an improved level of service. FilesDIRECT was able to turn a lagging business into one with an expanding client list and the ability to provide better service for its customers. If you run a printing company and would like to be able to send or receive files from your clients, sign up today for our free trial!