A professional photographer needs to be able to deliver excellent work to his clients in a very time conscious environment - and being able to send large photos online is a great way to save on time and effort. Clients are increasingly demanding faster and faster turnaround times. Combined with the advent of digital photography techniques, a photographer feels more time pressure now than ever before. Digital files can quickly be transferred to printers for output or to clients for comment.

Send Large Photos - Example

send large photos

Johnsohn Photography had recently updated their studio with digital equipment in an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency. With the new equipment, the company was saving thousands of dollars in development costs and was able to see the results of photo shoots immediately. However, photographs often had to be edited or modified to suit the needs of the client, and graphic files often were larger than 10mb. The photographers were faced with a problem when they needed to send these files to their clients. The file sizes were too large for regular email (many of the send-outs were being bounced back). As a result, Johnsohn Photography needed a hassle-free way to send large photos to their clients - a way that made sure they could actually receive the files!


FilesDIRECT provided Johnsohn Photography with an easy, maintenance-free way to send large photos to the studio’s clients. FilesDIRECT offers the easiest way to send large files online. Johnsohn Photography was able to send out its files quickly and reliably, and this allowed the studio to further streamline its workflow. FilesDIRECT large file transfer services were able to help the studio deliver an integrated digital solution.

FilesDIRECT gives you the ability to receive large files in a reliable and user friendly way. No software ever has to be installed on your machine (or your clients machine), and you do not need any technical background to start using FilesDIRECT. With your account, you will also be able to send large photos (or any type of file). This means you can quickly get feedback from your clients, providing them with an improved level of service.

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