Transfer Large Files

Never Be Slowed By Email Limitations Again

Transfer Large Files - up to 2GB at once

Instead of being limited in file size to what can be attached to an email, transmit files up to 2GB with one click and receive email notification that your transfer was successful. Not only is FilesDIRECT more flexible than email, it eliminates all the hassles of an FTP site and is far more secure, more economical and much faster than burning and shipping CDs and DVDs.

  • FilesDIRECT lets you transfer large files up to 2GB to anywhere in the world with just one click
  • The hassles of uploading to and downloading from an FTP site are completely avoided
  • There is never any need to burn and ship CDs or DVDs
  • You can send and receive files simultaneously regardless of their size
  • You can transfer as many large files as you’d like, there are no limitations