Custom Dropbox

One of FilesDIRECT’s biggest dropbox | upload page | FilesDIRECTbenefits is our unique custom upload page (also known as a “drop box”), giving our users the ability to receive large files from anyone, whether or not they are a FilesDIRECT user.

By giving each user their very own upload page, with a unique URL (web address), other people (coworkers, clients, friend, or others) can surf to and upload files to the user. The interface is very simple and intuitive - basically, if someone can use a web browser, they can upload a file.

Just how “Custom” is my Upload Page / Drop box?

While there are a few companies that offer a similar service, FilesDIRECT stands out in that your drop box is completely customizable. Nearly everything about your upload page can be easily changed to suit your needs, including:

  • Background color
  • Fonts
  • Number and position of data fields
  • Logo / image
  • And more!

Your custom drop box can be easily “white-labeled” to match you - or your organization’s - website, so your customers or contractors need never think they left your site at all!

How Much More do I Need to Pay For an Upload Page / Dropbox?

Not one cent. All of our users, no matter what plan they are subscribed to, get their very own “dropbox”. Whether you’ve been with us for years, or just signed up for a free trial, you can receive large files - for free.

But enough salespeak: to see just how easy it is to receive large files, sign up for a 30 day free trial and set up your own dropbox today!