Megaupload Shut Down

In what the U.S. Justice Department is calling “one of the largest criminal copyright cases ever”, internationally renown file-sharing site Megaupload (according to the Department of Justice, they had more than 50 million daily visitors and accounted for 4% of total Internet traffic worldwide) were shut down in a series of raids coordinated by the [...]

What are the system requirements for running the FilesDIRECT application?

You can send, store and receive large files with FilesDIRECT from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. There is no software to install.

Do the files delete themselves when the plan is renewed?

Your files are only deleted when you explicitly delete them or if you cancel your account.

What does Storage Limit mean?

The storage limit is the maximum amount of data you can have saved at FilesDIRECT at any one time.  The amount of storage space used within the system does not tie into the monthly billing cycle. We do not automatically or arbitrarily delete our clients’ files: any file will take up storage space until you [...]

Switching to WordPress

In a move that went completely unnoticed by practically every one of our users - just as we had hoped - FilesDIRECT switched the front end of our site to the WordPress content platform. If you’ve spent any time as a blogger or webmaster, you’ve heard of WordPress, and even though it’s well known, we [...]

File Transfer Review

Our Manager of Business Development sent out an email today directing us to File Transfer Reviews - a site I admit I hadn’t heard of - because of a very interesting development: We’ve been reviewed! As their name implies, File Transfer Reviews looks at large file transfer sites and rates them on a number of factors: [...]

What About Receiving Large Files?

There are a lot of large file transfer sites out there - most of them do a good enough job of sending files that are usually too big for email. Several let you send files up to 2GB in size. Some will let you store files as well, though most offer very limited storage. A [...]

Large File Transfer and Lifestyle Design

“Lifestyle Design” is a term coined by Tim Ferriss, author of New York Times’ bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich“. It essentially means changing one’s behaviour and source(s) of income to enable a more free life: without being tied down to a regular 9-5 job or the wider expectations [...]

Triple Online Storage!

As announced in today’s press release, FilesDIRECT has decided to TRIPLE (yes, triple) the storage space available to our clients. As Ross (our Manager of Business Development) mentions in the release: “Considering the decreasing costs of storage, it only seemed natural for us to offer this to our subscribers. We’ve seen some of our biggest [...]

Mail to Email to Large File Transfer

The U.S. postal service recently applied to increase it’s rates and, to the relief of many businesses, was turned down. Sadly, in the midst of the global recession, many costs (including shipping costs - just look at upcoming rate increases from FedEx and UPS) have been rising, and everyone - especially small business owners - [...]