Triple Online Storage!

As announced in today’s press release, FilesDIRECT has decided to TRIPLE (yes, triple) the storage space available to our clients. As Ross (our Manager of Business Development) mentions in the release:

“Considering the decreasing costs of storage, it only seemed natural for us to offer this to our subscribers. We’ve seen some of our biggest users have to delete old files from their accounts to free up space, and that’s against our goal of providing a service that is both secure and easy to use.”

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“Starting today, all Starter plans will have 30 GB of free online storage; Store 2500 will now have 150 GB, and so on. This will be especially good news for our corporate clients who use the service for managed file transfer between several different offices. Along with some bug fixes and improvements on our back end, we are constantly working to provide an easier, more feature-rich way for our clients to send and receive large files.”

In other words, whatever kind of account you have (trial accounts excepted), you can now have three times more storage for your files.

I mean, 30 GB is a lot - and it only goes up from there. Why not sign up and you can start to send large files today!

PS: Before I forget, we’re still offering 50% off of Starter plans: send and receive large files - and store 30 GB - online for just $9 a month! Sorry folks…this promotion is no longer available.

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