What About Receiving Large Files?

There are a lot of large file transfer sites out there - most of them do a good enough job of sending files that are usually too big for email. Several let you send files up to 2GB in size.

Some will let you store files as well, though most offer very limited storage. A few will let you receive files from other people.

Even fewer let you do so for free.

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Many companies and consultants need not only to send large files (like drafts, plans, video, etc.) to clients, but to get them back so they can make needed changes or edits. Since many online services only perform file sending, this usually means convincing your client to get an account with one of these services so they can send things back to you. Hopefully they’re willing!

The truth of the matter is, the simpler you make something, the more likely people are to do it. A classic example is FTP: though widely adopted, most people hate it because it’s hard to use (not to mention it’s other well-known flaws). Why not simplify things? If you could just have a link on your website that points to a page with simple, easy-to-follow instructions for sending you files, why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t your clients (or bosses) prefer that too?

It’s called a “dropbox”, and some of our competitors do have them - but they’ll charge you extra…especially if you want it customized!

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But here at FilesDIRECT, that’s just not how we roll. You want a setup where other people can send you large files free? Done. You want a dropbox? Done. You want to be able to customize your dropbox to match your company’s branding? Done.

You want it for free?


That’s right: a free dropbox that you can customize. Whatever size account you have, it’s yours - even on a free trial. Try it free now and discover our other great (free) features!

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