When should I start using FilesDIRECT?

Start sending and receiving files risk-free through FilesDIRECT today with our 30 day free trial

How do I get my clients or associates to upload files?

When you sign up for an account with FilesDIRECT, you will be given a free customizable upload page. This upload page (also known as a “dropbox”) lets other people send files to you. You can either create a link from … Continue reading

What are the system requirements for running the FilesDIRECT application?

You can send, store and receive large files with FilesDIRECT from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. There is no software to install.

What does Transfer Limit mean?

The transfer limit is the amount of data included for sent and received files through your account. Just like a cellphone data plan, additional fees will apply based on usage over and above the transfer limit. An account holder can … Continue reading

Does the sender of a file sent via FilesDIRECT need to install any programs?

No. The sender simply visits the FilesDIRECT user’s dropbox (the user’s personalized upload page, which is accessible via any web browser), selects the file they want to send, and clicks “Send”. FilesDIRECT automatically sends a confirmation to the sender and … Continue reading

Is FilesDIRECT a file sharing service?

No, FilesDIRECT is an online file transfer program. It allows users to send large files and receive large files directly to and from anyone over the Internet. Unlike file sharing sites, no one except the account holder or designated recipients … Continue reading

File Sharing and Remote Working

The Internet is pretty darn cool, and the advent of cloud technology (like file sharing) means we can work and play online like never before. There are a lot of web applications available that let users share files: some are … Continue reading

File Transfer Review

Our Manager of Business Development sent out an email today directing us to File Transfer Reviews - a site I admit I hadn’t heard of - because of a very interesting development: We’ve been reviewed! As their name implies, File Transfer … Continue reading

What About Receiving Large Files?

There are a lot of large file transfer sites out there - most of them do a good enough job of sending files that are usually too big for email. Several let you send files up to 2GB in size. … Continue reading

Receive Large Files with a Free Dropbox!

Many of FilesDIRECT’s customers use our service to send large files to people far and wide, which is awesome. But some people don’t seem to know about one of our service offerings that we’re particularly proud of: the ability to … Continue reading