File Transfer Review

Our Manager of Business Development sent out an email today directing us to File Transfer Reviews - a site I admit I hadn’t heard of - because of a very interesting development:

We’ve been reviewed!

As their name implies, File Transfer Reviews looks at large file transfer sites and rates them on a number of factors:

  1. Length of free trial
  2. Lowest cost to use the service
  3. Maximum size of files that can be sent
  4. Transfer limit on accounts
  5. Storage space available for clients

We feel very fortunate to have been reviewed by File Transfer Reviews, as it is one of the few times we have been so far (much to my consternation). Not only that, but we’ve hit the top ten - coming in at number 5, to be exact. Woo!

However, I am sad to admit that there are a few errors in their review of our service:

  1. The file transfer limit is technically unlimited for all accounts: every account has a specific amount of transfer that is included, and more can be purchased on a per-MB basis. One can also easily switch to a more robust plan that allows for more transfers, then switch back when usage goes down.
  2. Max file size is actually 2GB per file - this is a limit imposed by web browsers, and though we’re working on an app that will allow file transfers of any size, it’s not ready for deployment yet.  :(
  3. We do offer 30GB of cloud storage on our Starter plans - but our other accounts get more…up to 150GB.

It’s a pretty sparse review, one must admit, but these guys have got a lot of sites to go through. So! Thank you, File Transfer Reviews! We do appreciate inclusion on your site and in your list. Keep up the good work!

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