New Apple Monitors Will be Holograms

Ben Kunz of Mediassociates has written a fascinating article in Businessweek discussing his prediction that Apple devices will soon move past 2D monitors and switch to a 3D display system that would “mimic a hologram” without the need to wear 3D … Continue reading

Tip: Avoid Overuse Fees

Every FilesDIRECT account comes with a “built-in” amount of file transfer that can be used every month (except for the Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan, obviously), and any file transfers that exceed that amount are charged overuse fees (on … Continue reading

FilesDIRECT is Reviewed Once Again!

We’re happy to announce another positive review of FilesDIRECT! Published on December 2, 2011, jonathan53 of Site Opinionz , the review made sure to mention our wide variety of features (such as offering a custom dropbox, file tracking, 2GB file … Continue reading

How To Upload Large Files Using FilesDIRECT

How To Upload Files from Files DIRECT on Vimeo.

How To Manage Your Files On FilesDIRECT

Here is a quick video on how to use our manage files page. How To Manage Files from Files DIRECT on Vimeo.

How To Send Large Files Using FilesDIRECT

Here is our training video on how to use our send screen. How To Send Files from Files DIRECT on Vimeo.

We’re One of the Best Online File Transfer Solutions!

This post is a quick shout-out, our way of saying “thank you” to Eric Greenwood. We recently received a message from Eric, editor of Online Storage Reviews, to let us know that he had added us to his site under … Continue reading

When should I start using FilesDIRECT?

Start sending and receiving files risk-free through FilesDIRECT today with our 30 day free trial

How do I get my clients or associates to upload files?

When you sign up for an account with FilesDIRECT, you will be given a free customizable upload page. This upload page (also known as a “dropbox”) lets other people send files to you. You can either create a link from … Continue reading

Do I need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer as my web browser?

Not at all. Any Internet browser (including, but not limited to Firefox, Chrome and Opera) that is version 4 or higher will work just fine.