New Apple Monitors Will be Holograms

Apple Monitors Will be Holograms

Robert Downey Jr. (As Tony Stark) uses a hologram in the 2012 film 'The Avengers'

Ben Kunz of Mediassociates has written a fascinating article in Businessweek¬†discussing his prediction that Apple devices will soon move past 2D monitors and switch to a 3D display system that would “mimic a hologram” without the need to wear 3D glasses (!).

He’s not just making this up, either - he has examined patents that Apple has recently filed, as well as companies and technologies they have acquired in the past few years and put 2 and 2 together to equal AWESOME.

Apparently Apple has proposed a technology similar to the Microsoft Kinect that would monitor body movements and recognize human faces, and project a different image to each eye of each viewer, creating a 3D effect for everyone looking at the screen.

Click here for the full article on Businessweek and Mr. Kunz’s analysis of the technology and why it will fare better for Apple than it has in other, recent attempts to launch 3D as the new display standard.

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