Unlocking Your Phone Will Soon Be Illegal

In the United States the Digital Millennium Copyright Act outlaws attempts to circumvent digital rights management tools. For a time, there was an exemption to this law regarding unlocking smartphones, but it its no longer in place. As of last week, it is no longer legal to unlock a phone without the express consent of [...]

Free Voice Calling on Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently promised that their newest update to Facebook Messenger for the iPhone would include VoIP, which would let you call your Friends using a cellular or wi-fi data connection instead of your phone’s plan minutes. Gizmodo recently tested the new feature and found it worked perfectly on their office wi-fi. To use it, just [...]

Strong Passwords Are Not Enough

As the hack of the accounts of former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan proved, it takes more than good passwords to keep your accounts safe. In fact, technically speaking, Mr. Honan’s accounts weren’t ‘hacked’ - the attackers used some simple social engineering and gained access with a few calls to Apple and Amazon support. But, thanks [...]

2012′s worst tech buzzwords

This handy list of “the best of the worst” lets you know what “tech speak” geeks in the know love to hate - at least, in terms of this past year! Drum roll, please! Micron: a unit of size measurement that is approximately half the size of an E. Coli bacteria. Apple has been gushing [...]

Is Flexible Mobile Data Possible?

Apparently the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! ItsOn Mobile has spent the past 4 years working in secret to make this happen. Their software for mobile carriers allows them to offer ‘dynamic pricing’ on their mobile data plans, meaning each aspect of your plan can be customized: unlimited data for specific apps like Facebook but [...]

How Games are Changing the World

Gizmodo has just posted a very interesting piece about some games or game designers who are using the medium as a way to advance social or scientific change. There’s a surprisingly varied number of ways that games and gaming are being leveraged to improve the human condition: Medical research: Researchers at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon [...]

Five Free Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is renowned for it’s poor performance in comparison to wired connections - however, sometimes it’s our only option. For those times that your wireless connection is giving you trouble, don’t spend money on a brand new router. Try some of these handy tricks instead: Update: Quite possibly the easiest thing you can do to [...]

Get a Better Password

Despite the many advances in technology, the greatest security weakness remains the same: people. Let’s look at one of the major gaps we create in our own security: passwords. We may think, after years of education from our IT departments, that our passwords are better than ever, but this is not so. One of the [...]

AES Encryption is so Good Even the NSA Can’t Crack it

Gizmodo‘s done a nice piece talking about AES encryption on mobile devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry. Despite security issues after the initial launch, Apple improved the security of their devices, though these improvements have come too late for people who own anything older than an iPhone 4S or iPad 3. Essentially, they have integrated [...]

New Apple Monitors Will be Holograms

Ben Kunz of Mediassociates has written a fascinating article in Businessweek discussing his prediction that Apple devices will soon move past 2D monitors and switch to a 3D display system that would “mimic a hologram” without the need to wear 3D glasses (!). He’s not just making this up, either - he has examined patents that [...]