Cash Reward to Crack Mega’s Encryption

In a Tweet early this morning, controversial Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom announced that he would offer a reward of 10,000 Euros (nearly $14,000 USD) to anyone who could crack the encryption used on Mega, his new Cloud storage service. The … Continue reading

Strong Passwords Are Not Enough

As the hack of the accounts of former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan proved, it takes more than good passwords to keep your accounts safe. In fact, technically speaking, Mr. Honan’s accounts weren’t ‘hacked’ - the attackers used some simple social … Continue reading

AES Encryption is so Good Even the NSA Can’t Crack it

Gizmodo‘s done a nice piece talking about AES encryption on mobile devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry. Despite security issues after the initial launch, Apple improved the security of their devices, though these improvements have come too late for people … Continue reading

Understanding Encryption

Encryption is “the process of transforming information…to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge.” Encryption is used to protect both data “at rest” (i.e.: files stored on a computer or on a memory stick) and data in … Continue reading