New Startup Could Change the Software Industry

Business Insider magazine recently ran a story discussing the “unveiling” of a new startup firm who is developing cloud technologies that could revolutionize the entire software industry. Numecent is developing enterprise technology that it calls “cloud paging” - a “successor … Continue reading

Apple’s New Green Data Center

In an attempt to show the world both a) how rich they are, and b) how awesome they are, Apple has created what may well be one of the greenest data centers in the world. Their new facility in Maiden, … Continue reading

Megaupload Shut Down

In what the U.S. Justice Department is calling “one of the largest criminal copyright cases ever”, internationally renown file-sharing site Megaupload (according to the Department of Justice, they had more than 50 million daily visitors and accounted for 4% of … Continue reading

Tech Industry Finally Gets to Chime in on SOPA

Mike Masnick of Techdirt recently reported on an interesting development in the continuing sage of SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act): although Lamar Smith and the House Judiciary Committee still refuse to hear from members of the technology industry regarding … Continue reading

Technology Waves and the Hypernet

Just a brief post this time - I just read an interesting post on Roger McNamee and Mike Maples‚Äô blog about technological “waves” and the movement of innovation in the tech business. The post uses the development and adoption of … Continue reading

Special Holiday Promotion

FilesDIRECT is happy to announce our annual holiday promotion! Starting this week and running until New Year‚Äôs Day (i.e.: January 1, 2012), we are offering 50% (yes, FIFTY PERCENT) off all new Starter plans: this means that you get: A … Continue reading

Time Warner Internet Service Outage

According to the Twitterverse, Time Warner Cable has been experiencing some MASSIVE (as in, across the U.S.) service outages today. Though many users have been reporting that their service has been restored, outages have been reported across the United States, … Continue reading

We’re One of the Best Online File Transfer Solutions!

This post is a quick shout-out, our way of saying “thank you” to Eric Greenwood. We recently received a message from Eric, editor of Online Storage Reviews, to let us know that he had added us to his site under … Continue reading

Google + Just A Facebook Wannabe?

Google‚Äôs new take on the social space, Google +, is a monster that is taking the industry by storm: the fastest-growing social network in history, it has already reached nearly 18 million users since it opened it‚Äôs doors on July … Continue reading

FilesDIRECT Awarded “Best Web Tool”!

We are happy to announce that Web Hosting Search (link below)¬†has recommended (and awarded) FilesDIRECT¬†as a Best Web Tool. We‚Äôre very excited by the recommendation (and the recognition) and thought we‚Äôd share it in their own words: “FilesDIRECT has been … Continue reading