New Startup Could Change the Software Industry

Business Insider magazine recently ran a story discussing the “unveiling” of a new startup firm The Cloud - evovledwho is developing cloud technologies that could revolutionize the entire software industry.

Numecent is developing enterprise technology that it calls “cloud paging” - a “successor technology to application streaming and virtualization”. Basically, the technology instantly “cloudifies” any software (including operating systems like Windows), allowing any software to be delivered over the cloud and run as fast (or faster!) than if you were running it on your own desktop! Now what is especially interesting is that this will still work even if your device (be it your PC or even your smartphone) gets disconnected from the Internet! And it’s efficient - Numecent claims that their “cloud paging” technology will reduce your software’s delivery time drastically…from 20 to 100 times.

The technology seems to allow very fine-grained control, allowing “cloudification” of 100% of Windows applications - and still cloudify and deliver plug-ins separately from their base applications. Their server architecture can be deployed on MS Windows platforms, Linux and even Android, so if you’ve ever wanted to turn your smartphone into a portable server, now you can.

They are already experiencing such success that they have created a spin-off company called Approxy, which is entirely focused on applying Numecent’s innovations to the gaming industry, allowing gamers to play games without ever downloading the software onto their own machines - similar to listening to music online, but without the latency - creating installation-free, instant gaming!

It all sounds pretty exciting and truthfully, I probably should have asked one of our developers to write this post, as they would have a much more solid grasp of the technologies involved and the broader implications for IT and other industries. But if they’re calling their new tech the “death of the download”, I think it’s going to be big.

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