Can Wi-Fi get any Faster?

Get Faster Wi-FiWell, according to a team of Japanese researchers, it can - 20 TIMES FASTER, IN FACT!

By experimenting with transmitting and receiving data in a part of the electromagnetic spectrum called the “T-Ray” band (in the 300 GHz and 3 THz range), the team from the Tokyo Institute of Technology was able to transmit data at 3Gb/s - roughly 20 times faster than current Wi-Fi connections!

Thanks to a tiny little device called a resonant tunneling diode. the researchers reached the aforementioned data transmission speed at frequencies of up to 542 GHz. Not only is the transmission speed a huge success, but transmitting in this part of the electromagnetic spectrum meant using a part of the spectrum that is not currently regulated, and thus not used by wireless networks - which could come in handy for networks in the future.

Now this was just a trial run, so don’t expect to have access to blazing fast Wi-Fi any time soon - and if it does roll out to the public, the researchers seem to think it would only work out to a few tens of yards. But as a proof of concept, it’s very exciting…especially if they can actually reach 100GB/s, as has been theorized.

So, while we may not get awesome Wi-Fi speeds soon…there’s always hope for the future, Perhaps even the near future…

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