A New Review!

Safe SitesThat’s right, folks - we’re garnering even more attention!

FilesDIRECT has been added to a list of safe sites by Webutation - a site that rates sites for their safety in terms of fraud and malware.

The site seems to use an automated system to try to assess how safe a site is, checking for links from various social media (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) and Wikipedia, as well as checking both Google Pagerank and a site’s Alexa rating.

Sadly, several of their assessment systems seem to be broken (neither our Pagerank or Alexa ratings are displayed, for instance), but it’s a good concept for a site…there is a lot of fraud and malware out there, so it’s important to be careful.

So, thank you for including us in your list of safe sites, Webutation! It’s nice to be trusted. :)

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