Strong Passwords Are Not Enough

As the hack of the accounts of former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan proved, it takes more than good passwords to keep your accounts safe. In fact, technically speaking, Mr. Honan’s accounts weren’t ‘hacked’ - the attackers used some simple social … Continue reading

Get a Better Password

Despite the many advances in technology, the greatest security weakness remains the same: people. Let’s look at one of the major gaps we create in our own security: passwords. We may think, after years of education from our IT departments, … Continue reading

AES Encryption is so Good Even the NSA Can’t Crack it

Gizmodo‘s done a nice piece talking about AES encryption on mobile devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry. Despite security issues after the initial launch, Apple improved the security of their devices, though these improvements have come too late for people … Continue reading

Was Your Password Leaked?

According to an article on Ars Tecnica, hackers publicly posted the login credentials for more than 453,000 Yahoo! user accounts. Taken from an older file from the Yahoo! Contributer Network (previously known as Associated Content), online security firm Sucuri notes … Continue reading

How to Remove Your Information from People Search Sites

People search engines can be useful tools for getting a hold of people you’ve previously lost touch with, but are sadly prone to abuse - not only can they be a favourite tool of stalkers, unscrupulous businesses or people who … Continue reading