File Sharing and Remote Working

The Internet is pretty darn cool, and the advent of cloud technology (like file sharing) means we can work and play online like never before. There are a lot of web applications available that let users share files: some are free (though the free services tend to put severe restrictions on what you can do - like limit the size of files you can send, or not let you receive large files, etc.) and some are ridiculously expensive (expensive enough that you might as well set up your own network).

File sharing so easy your cat wants to know why you're not using itFile Sharing Should be Easy

All these services (including FilesDIRECT) do, however, offer the ability to share files with people who may never set foot in your office. Really good services let you share any kind of file: documents, spreadsheets, Photoshop files, videos, etc. no matter how exotic or unusual the file type. New users can usually sign up in a matter of minutes (or seconds!) and are usually easy to use - especially when compared to outdated technologies like FTP. This is great for folks who aren’t that comfortable with technology and can really smooth workflow for everyone involved.

File Sharing vs. FTP

Many companies used to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to send or receive large files, but have found it to be a generally difficult system: difficult to set up, difficult to train people on and difficult to use. Using a file sharing service like FilesDIRECT means companies can provide simple, easy to use file sharing to employees and clients without the expense of hiring an IT specialist to set up, maintain or modify an FTP system.

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