Multi-Language Large File Transfer

The entire team at FilesDIRECT feels very fortunate to have clients from all over the world - the United States and Canada, but also Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain and others too. We’ve had inquiries from different parts of Europe and even China!

We’re very happy to see that our service is of value to so many people from across this wide world of ours - and we want to make sure it’s available to as many people as possible. We know that business is conducted everywhere, at every time of day and night, in a huge variety of industries, and many of those businesses need to send and receive large files. Whether they are print shops in Mexico or architects in Australia, it can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you want your large file transfer to be:

A) Secure
B) Fast
C) Affordable

So, we here at FilesDIERCT have decided to “step up to the plate”, so to speak, and make our service more accessible by translating both the front-facing site, as well as the back end of the service itself. We are starting with Spanish translations, and when we are ready to launch will shortly afterwards be focusing on assisting clients in other languages (probably Mandarin or Cantonese). Once we know we can manage a wider, Spanish-speaking clientele well we can focus on broadening our language offerings.

We can’t set a firm date yet for when the site translation will be in place (it’s a surprising amount of work) but please do know that we are already offering our famous phone and email support in Spanish! Watch this space for further updates on the ongoing translations. We look forward to helping people mandar archivos grandes en Espanol soon!

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