FilesDIRECT Awarded “Best Web Tool”!

We are happy to announce that Web Hosting Search (link below) has recommended (and awarded) FilesDIRECT as a Best Web Tool. We’re very excited by the recommendation (and the recognition) and thought we’d share it in their own words:

“FilesDIRECT has been awarded and recommended as the top rated file sharing tool provider by Web Hosting Search, a leading hosting review site on the Internet.”

So, there you go. Sounds all impressive and press release-y, doesn’t it?

And look! They’ve even given us a fancy badge! 

So, there you go. Thank you, Web Hosting Search! We appreciate your kind words and hope they help encourage more people to try our 30-day free trial.

*Cough! 30 days free! Cough* Sorry, had something caught in my throat, there. ;)

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