Send Large Files on any Operating System

“They” have promised us from the beginning that everything would work together with everything else. “They” means the computing and software industry - different hardware and software makers have made it a routine assurance that “platform independence” is real. Everything, they say, is a breeze to use whenever and however you want and expect.

So why is it that when it’s time to install software, you had better get the right version for your hardware? And with so many new devices in the handheld world sporting one of five or six different operating systems, why is it that basic functions like web browsing are still served by different programs?

The reality is that most business and production hardware and software is still platform-dependent and forces you into one or another paradigm to use it.

Not FilesDIRECT: we don’t care what platform you have. We don’t force you into one or another kind of software or brand or make or model. All you need is an email account and any web browser.

Sending up to a 2GB file is serious business. Large files filled with critical digital assets - video clips, digitized audio, archives, whatever - need to get where they have to go. You don’t want to play around with platform problems in other offices, facilities, cities or continents. You want your stuff where you want it.

That’s why we designed FilesDIRECT to be used with only a web browser, and maybe an email client if you happen to use one. Mac, PC, Linux, you name it, FilesDIRECT brings files directly where they need to go.

Why doesn’t everything work that well?

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