We’re One of the Best Online File Transfer Solutions!

This post is a quick shout-out, our way of saying “thank you” to Eric Greenwood. We recently received a message from Eric, editor of Online Storage Reviews, to let us know that he had added us to his site under … Continue reading

When should I start using FilesDIRECT?

Start sending and receiving files risk-free through FilesDIRECT today with our 30 day free trial

How do I get my clients or associates to upload files?

When you sign up for an account with FilesDIRECT, you will be given a free customizable upload page. This upload page (also known as a “dropbox”) lets other people send files to you. You can either create a link from … Continue reading

What does Transfer Limit mean?

The transfer limit is the amount of data included for sent and received files through your account. Just like a cellphone data plan, additional fees will apply based on usage over and above the transfer limit. An account holder can … Continue reading

Does Files DIRECT have file size restrictions on smaller plans?

All our accounts get access to the same features, including the size of the files they can transfer - 2GB. Our developers are currently working on ways to let our clients send even bigger files, so stay tuned for more … Continue reading

Can I send files to China with FilesDIRECT?

Easily. Many of our clients send files back and forth to China all the time and haven’t had any problems yet.

How many files can I send?

Files DIRECT lets you send an unlimited number of files up to 2GB in size, depending on what plan you are subscribed to. Bigger plans include more transfer capacity, and while you can send (and receive) more files that are … Continue reading

Can I upload a file and send it in one step?

Our “Direct Send” feature lets you upload files, and then send them automatically after the upload has finished, in one easy step.

The Person I Sent My File To Didn’t Get It - Now What?

“I tried sending my file a few times, but the person I sent it to didn’t receive it! What’s going on?” This is a question our support team hears pretty often, which is why we’ve decided to blog about it. … Continue reading

Secure File Transfer and the Legal Industry

It goes without saying that law firms handle very sensitive documents. Traditionally, these documents were just that - paper files that could number in the hundreds or thousands of pages, depending on the case. But continuing advances in digital communications … Continue reading