Large File Transfer vs. Japanese Earthquakes

Natural disasters (like earthquakes) are called disasters for a reason: they are tragic events causing great loss, both to people and property. They cause a great deal of chaos - no matter how well-prepared we think we are - and disrupt the lives of everyone involved. As the world grows more interconnected, people can be greatly affected by an event on the other side of the globe.

As lives are disrupted, so too is business: flights have been cancelled, telephone service is down, roads have been destroyed, and more.

Preparation Pays

It’s true: preparation goes a long way. Despite the magnitude of the quake and the following tsunami, Japanese early warning systems ensured responders had at least some lead time. Combined with well-designed, redundant systems, Japan has not come to a complete grinding halt. For instance, even though telephone and mobile service has been disrupted, Internet service, by and large, has not.

This is of vital note to knowledge-based industries, or for any companies who need to transfer data from one location to another, or to (or from) clients. Technologies and services like FilesDIRECT allow for large file transfer to and from any computer with a Net connection. This presents a variety of benefits over moving data on discs or in paper files:

Security: couriers can be intercepted. Files can be read. A good online file transfer service, however, will encrypt your data before sending it, ensuring that it can only be read by its intended recipient.

Reliability: as illustrated by the recent Japanese earthquake, the extreme winter weather experienced by Europe in 2010, or the massive volcanic eruption in Iceland of the same year, nature’s extremes have a big impact on global transit, impacting not only the airline industry and those who rely on it, but even land and sea transportation as well. What do you do if your courier is trapped in an airport because all flights have been grounded? Or if the van carrying your financial documents was in a city struck by an earthquake?

Price: One of the biggest benefits is cost savings - no shipping costs means you can get your files back and forth quickly and cheaply from anywhere in the world. Let’s see DHL do that.

Why leave your business to chance? Sign up for our 30-day free trial today try FilesDIRECT for yourself.

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