FilesDIRECT is Reviewed Once Again!

We’re happy to announce another positive review of FilesDIRECT! Published on December 2, 2011, jonathan53 of Site Opinionz , the review made sure to mention our wide variety of features (such as offering a custom dropbox, file tracking, 2GB file transfers, etc.) and mentioned our low prices! He mentioned our “tight security” and ease of [...]

How do I send a file in my account to someone with FilesDIRECT?

Log onto FilesDIRECT and click on “Manage Files”. Simply check off the file(s) you want to send, and then click “Send”. Once you do that, you will be prompted to enter the email addresses of the people you want to send the files to. Fill in their addresses, hit the “Send Files” button, and they [...]

Can I send files using FilesDIRECT?

You can send files to anyone with an email address with just a few mouse clicks, and you can send files either directly from your computer or files that you’ve previously uploaded to your FilesDIRECT account. Just choose who you want to send the files to, and they will receive an email notifying them that [...]

The Person I Sent My File To Didn’t Get It - Now What?

“I tried sending my file a few times, but the person I sent it to didn’t receive it! What’s going on?” This is a question our support team hears pretty often, which is why we’ve decided to blog about it. Let’s get to it, shall we? There are a few possible reasons why your recipient [...]

Gas Prices Too High? Email Large Files Instead!

Nobody likes to pay more at the pump - it makes something as simple as going to get groceries a much bigger pain than anyone would like. As recently pointed out National Journal: “The global oil market is incredibly volatile. Unpredictable events like political unrest and natural disasters can spike the price of a barrel, translating [...]