Does Your Office Still Depend on Email?

Between the recommendations of Tim Ferriss in his bestselling Four Hour Workweek and the increasingly popular No Email Day, it is becoming more and more evident that email has become less a tool in modern business and more a hindrance.

No Email Day (‘celebrated’ on November 11th), for instance, is a campaign whose aim is to get people to stop using email for just 24 hours to experience greater productivity and see just how much email is now abused/overused. There are more and more studies showing that people can become addicted to email (on both an individual and organizational level), and even without the shadow of addiction, email tends to overload workers and distract them from their actual jobs. No Email Day gives people a chance to take a bit of a break from their inboxes and, perhaps, examine their options.

From auto-responders to posting communications guidelines on your website, there are a number of ways to reduce the hold that email has over us. Have you found any methods that work well for you? If so, tell us in the comments!