Secure File Transfer for Police

Law enforcement is  difficult work, and sharing data between police forces, rehabilitation and associated groups can be hard: secure file transfer can help your team by creating a file sharing system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that all of the crucial data is shared in an accessible way, without compromising confidentiality, especially surrounding victim support - an agile system that allows for the support of victims without compromising their privacy or exposing them to their attackers in the future. Once their attacker has been charged the information on the crime and other pertinent details can be transferred to the appropriate correctional facility.

Cross-State Crimes and Secure File Transfer

In the cases of cross-state crimes, secure file transfer can help everyone involved in solving the crimes across jurisdictions and districts, allowing the safe, confidential and secure transfer of files, especially for files over the maximum size allowed by email servers. Even in one state, there will be several districts / counties that need to share information. In all cases, secure file transfer is the ideal sharing solution that opens doors to data that could solve cases, or provide crucial support when it’s needed most.

Previously, files would have to be transferred by courier, then reviewed before being returned– which inevitably creates  delays. Secure file transfer supports instant, real-time transfer of information between two (or more!) law enforcement groups, of any size, with any system. The two teams can be as far apart as Hawaii and Florida (even in separate countries!), and secure file transfer is still the ideal solution to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has auditable, traceable access to all the information they need.

Policing is not Just About Catching Criminals

Policing also involves community outreach projects, and helping people protect their property. Police services also liaise with other emergency (and non-emergency) services, visit schools and patrol areas where people expect to see a police presence. From security at large events to community outreach, secure file transfer can help with any of these projects, without interfering with what the law enforcement does best.

Secure File Transfer and…Security

It’s important to understand that the primary concern of any data from the police is confidentiality – and ensuring that they aren’t the victims of data theft or compromise themselves! Secure file transfer represents the most secure way to transfer data that is easily accessible without creating extra ‘walls’: see for yourself and sign up for our 30-day free trial today!

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