Receive and Send Large Image Files

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With the ability to upload, send, and store large files online in just one click, FilesDIRECT is the perfect solution for any print or design company looking to transfer large image files. Unlike FTP, FilesDIRECT doesn’t require downloading any programs or worrying about setting up any servers - everything is done through your browser and can be used on any operating system.

You avoid couriering cd’s back and forth, saving you and your clients time, money and frustration.

FilesDIRECT also uses SSL encryption so that you’ll never have to worry about your files getting in the wrong hands. With a variety plans to choose from, FilesDIRECT is the most affordable site for anyone needing to email large images or any other type of media file.

Try FilesDIRECT free for 30 days and start sending your files today!

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