Low-Cost Online Storage

There are a number of online storage and file transfer services out there, but are they all created equal?

Of course not.

Unlike other online file transfer services, FilesDIRECT won’t charge you extra to send larger files, or for a minimal (ie: barely noticeable) amount of storage, or demand you have a minimum number of users on your account (each of them having to separately pay the full price, of course).

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Our free trial account starts with 2GB of storage, and it only grows from there - the starter plan gives you 10GB (EDIT: Now 30 GB!) of storage and lets you transfer up to 300MB a month.

There’s no “pay to play” with FilesDIRECT: all our plans (including the 30 day free trial) come with our full suite of services, including:

  • Detailed tracking
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Personalized “drop box”
  • Full (phone and online) support
  • and much, much more

You get all this starting at just $18 a month. If you want to send large files, FilesDIRECT gives you the most bang for your buck – guaranteed.

Try it FREE today!

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