Yet more fame! Now it’s about FTP replacement…

That’s right, folks - we’ve done it again!

Your humble author of this large file transfer blog has had another article accepted by - the Internet’s leading article directory!

In this article (“Large File Transfer - Why Bother With FTP?”) I tackle the subject of sending big files via FTP - the outdated technology we all know and love (or, y’know, dislike intently - guess which one I am?).

The article looks at the age of the protocol, as well as security and usability issues. I’m no Mark Twain, but I think it’s both readable and informative, and (here I confess to bias) worth taking a look at.

Just follow the link to the article on (basically) FTP replacement. Of course, considering that you’re here, it’s not hard to guess what I recommend instead of FTP for sending large files

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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