Transfer Large Media Files From Anywhere

Gary Shaw is a television writer in Los Angeles. Without FilesDIRECT, he couldn’t get his job done.

“I write scripts for animation shows - cartoons for kids and adults,” says Gary. “I’m on a team with the animators, the voice talent, the producers of the show and the network airing the show. That means there are four places video clips have to move every time something is changed or added to any episode of any of the shows I write.”

Gary uses FilesDIRECT to download the video clips as well as clips of audio and video from the show’s producers containing changes they need made to the show.

“A single episode runs 11 minutes, with two episodes per show. There could be twenty or thirty changes during production time. None of us works in the same office, so we rely on FilesDIRECT to get our video to where it needs to go at the right time.” Gary says “With so many people in the loop - animators, producers, voice talent, interns, network execs, - it’s incredibly easy to get mixed up with the wrong video file being sent to the wrong place at the wrong time.”

FilesDIRECT takes the guesswork out of the process by reducing the complicated process of large file uploads down to simple emails containing links, which keeps the laughs coming on your TV or computer screen.

“It’s true that the further you get away from the front line of production, more toward the network offices or producers’ offices, the more you need your tools to be simple and easy to use. Without FilesDIRECT, I can only imagine what kind of nightmare we’d be facing every day.”

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