Transfer Large Files - Architects and Engineers

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With everything from floor plans and schematics to 3D renderings and CAD files, engineers and architects have to send large files to various people and companies, often in different cities and even across the globe. Whether you are looking for the ability to send large architecture files or email engineering files, FilesDIRECT can solve all your file transfer problems.

With the ability to send files to anywhere in the world with our simple one-click upload and send, FilesDIRECT is the perfect architect and engineer large file transfer tool. Sign up now and start sending your files with:

1. 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum security

2. File sizes of up to 2GB - no email size limitations

3. Compatibility with all operating systems

4. No server setup or hassle from dealing with FTP’s

With a new 30-day free trial, you can literally be sending your files in minutes.

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