Secure File Transfer Sites

It’s no joke: a company’s (digital) large files can contain millions or even billions of dollars worth of financial data, with everything from earnings reports to legal documents. As the Internet has become an essential part of many corporate and government projects and processes, the rise in the casual use of file transfer has often required a trade-off between security and ease of use.

File Transfer for the “Big Boys”

In the financial realm, reconciling the books every week for, say, a department at an insurance giant or a federal agency used to mean running off tapes from mainframe machines and flying them by air courier to data processing facilities. Literally trillions of dollars have been moved this way over the years, and the expense and hassle involved is very large.

The urge to cut costs and the public’s increasing comfort level with online file transfer has combined to change the assumptions about that kind of data handling. The Internet is everywhere, and those big collections of cheques or payments get to their destinations much more quickly and cheaply on the Net than by courier.

But lurking in the casual nature of file transfer is the specter of lost security. Sending sensitive files by any free email service, such as Yahoo or Google, sending physical media by mail, or using FTP all add up to huge security risks. The Feds know this and passed the Secure Federal File Sharing Act, but the effect hasn’t been as great as was hoped.

FilesDIRECT is not FTP. Our transfers are encrypted using SSL from end to end, making it virtually impossible for anyone between the sender and the receiver to decrypt the contents. You get all the convenience and none of the risk. If you want easy to use (but still safe) file transfer, you want FilesDIRECT.

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