Secure File Transfer - How do you Keep Your Data Safe?

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Whether you need to send confidential financial data or personal information, you can never be too careful when making sure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. With so many security issues caused by the vulnerabilities of email (easily hacked) and FTP (opens huge holes in your firewall), you need to make sure you keep your files safe with a secure file transfer service like FilesDIRECT.

At FilesDIRECT, every file uploaded to our secure servers is protected with 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so that your information stays secret. This is the same encryption protocol used by banks and major online retailers like In addition, our one-click upload and send offers the easiest secure file transfer possible.

FilesDIRECT is perfect for: hospitals, health care providers, government agencies, financial institutions, universities, and anyone else sending sensitive information online.

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