Receiving large files online

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There are many problems with receiving large files – almost as many as there are trying to send them. FilesDIRECT takes care of everything for you: no more complicated FTP, email size limits or expensive couriers.

Our web-based service means even someone without a FilesDIRECT account can send you files up to 2GB in size with literally a single mouse click – and you can download it just as easily.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up with FilesDIRECT, we’ll create (and host) a webpage where others can upload files for you.

This page is easily (and completely) customizable to meet your company’s branding needs.

Once files have been uploaded, we’ll send two emails: a confirmation to the sender and a notification to the user. Once you receive the email, just log in to your FilesDIRECT account and start downloading!

The files are stored on our servers for as long as you like, ready for you to download at your convenience.

All our file transfers come with full 128-bit SSL encryption – the same level of protection used by banks and big online retailers like

No more burning cd’s, hiring couriers or putting up with FTP. Easy file transfer is finally just a click away!

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