FTP Replacement - Now is the Time!

So, in my drifting around the internet, I came across this fantastic article by Chris Josephes at O’Reilly Sysadmin.

In it, Mr. Josephes makes an excellent case for replacing this frankly outdated protocol: he discusses the fact that it’s over 25 years old (!), designed to fix old problems in IP protocol, etc. He gives an excellent (though disheartening) list of the many issues that FTP users (and the IT staff who try to help them) have to try to sort through.

ftp replacement

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He also offers a few suggestions on potential replacements. Although he doesn’t mention online file transfer services as an alternative, one of the options he mentions is HTTP, which acts as the backbone for many of these kinds of services. Interestingly, he makes a broad appeal for improved file transfer through internet browsers, which is exactly what FilesDIRECT lets you do.

Sites like FilesDIRECT offer everything FTP doesn’t: secure file transfer, ease of use, and not having to troubleshoot some obscure issue every other day.

With a 30-day free trial, 128-bit SSL encryption and one click file transfer, why not try it today?

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