FilesDIRECT: The Volcano-Proof Data Shipping Method

As the cloud of volcanic ash begins to dissipate over Europe, the tally of economic destruction caused by the Icelandic eruption is only beginning to be calculated. The flow of untold billions of dollars has been disrupted by Europe’s grounding of aircraft for nearly a week. Stranded travelers are only the tip of the (erupting) iceberg; air freight, business communications and governmental communications alone will add up to a staggering amount of lost money due to delay of critical materials arriving in a timely fashion.

How much of this loss could have been avoided by using FilesDIRECT instead of air couriers? Plenty.

As incredible as it may seem, a great deal of financial data travels not on the internet, but by air courier. Executives in the banking, insurance, financial markets and related industries all know that billions of dollars of transactions are compiled onto storage media (sometimes even tape!) and shuttled all over the world for processing. Government and military leaders also know the price of running legacy mainframe computer systems that drive huge programs and operations includes using air couriers to move the big transactions around the world.

As last week has shown, that’s a status quo that can’t stay in place. When a natural event can shut down the flow of this data for a week or longer, all assumptions are thrown out the window. What these industries need is a means to send these huge files that ignores weather and won’t cost more if mother nature rears her head. What big finance, big business and big government needs is an easy-to-use, encrypted, reliable, global large-file transfer service.

What they need is FilesDIRECT.

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