FilesDIRECT Customer Success Story

Jenny’s a Producer at a boutique advertising agency in St. Louis. The company is small but the clients aren’t - major national retail and restaurant chains depend on her work for TV commercials and viral videos on the web. Without FilesDIRECT, her whole job would grind to a halt.

For one thing, the video files wouldn’t get where they needed to go without FilesDIRECT.

“I use three video editors, one of whom sits across from me, but the other two are in Chicago and Minneapolis,” says Jenny. “I can have five or six different projects cooking at any one time, so there’s raw video footage flying all over the place. Files Direct is the easiest way to be sure that the editors get the footage they need to finish the clips.”

What goes out must come back, so Jenny’s editors ship back their cuts to the home base using FilesDIRECT the same way.

“Then our client needs to see the cuts, give notes and approve. They even will add graphics and send back, so their involvement is hands-on. The last thing I want to do is make things difficult for them with technical glitches. We just need the file transfers to work. Files Direct makes that happen - every time.”

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