Disadvantages of Sending Large Files via FTP

Let’s say you’re working on a video project. You’ve edited some video and you’ve parked it at an FTP server so that your client can download and view it. You need the client’s notes to proceed and time is of the essence. But the clock is ticking and the deadline is approaching while you wait for the client. A quick phone call to their office discovers the problem: the client’s assistant is having a hard time with the FTP download program. Sometimes it doesn’t connect to the server. When it does connect, he has to navigate to the right folder. And once he does that, he has to figure out how to move the file along to his boss.

Meanwhile, your costs just increased because your editors are on overtime while this drama plays out.

Headache! Delay! Expense!

Why mess with FTP when FilesDIRECT combines the power of email notifications with the ease of linked downloads? Put your video and other large files directly into your client’s email box - no navigating, no playing with servers. No room for error. They click on a link and the file starts downloading. Cost-effective, easy to use and tailored for business - that’s FilesDIRECT.

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