Quick & Easy Large File Transfer Site

No matter how big or small your company is, you will most likely need the ability to transfer large files on demand with security, web client and e-mail notifications - and need to decide the best way to solve this problem.

Here are two ways to obtain the ability to transfer large files on demand.

The Easy Way: Get a FilesDIRECT account.

First, get a FilesDIRECT account.

Second, upload & send your files to anyone instantly!

The Hard Way: Set up your own FTP server.

First, configure your company’s network firewall to allow FTP transfers, then configure a server. Your IT staff should have no problem doing this, assuming you have IT staff and they aren’t doing something else and they don’t mind taking on the extra security risk. If you don’t have an IT staff, you can build a solution yourself. First by selecting a VPS service, with which you can build your own Linux or Microsoft server, configuring it for only the appropriate services, then add the FTP server, then the FTP users, then set the write permissions for all the directories, then set the read permissions, then find the logs, then configure the security at the server level, then make sure the FTP server is actually using SSH for security, then configure backup for files, then install an email server, then configure it, then add the users who will use the server, then write a script (program) that handles notification of users by email when files are sent and received, then test that program, then fix the problems, then add security to the entire machine against intrusion, then configure the security to allow the services you need while preventing any you don’t, then build the security rules into a local firewall, then test your FTP, SSH, SMTP servers for operability under the firewall, then configure DNS for your server, then wait for the domain name to propagate around the internet, then open up for business and stay close to your phone or email while your users find all the things you forgot about fixing or installing when you built your FTP server.

See how much easier transferring large files is with FilesDIRECT?

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