Receive Large Files with a Free Dropbox!

Many of FilesDIRECT’s customers use our service to send large files to people far and wide, which is awesome. But some people don’t seem to know about one of our service offerings that we’re particularly proud of: the ability to receive large files free!

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There are many large file transfer services that offer dropboxes, allowing their customers to receive files from anyone online - far fewer of them allow their users to customize or white-label their dropbox. FilesDIRECT is one of the only services that includes a free customizable dropbox with every user account - every single one!

There’s no need to understand HTML coding, nor do you need any other sort of technical expertise: your account includes an easy-to-use design wizard that lets you customize your upload page with ease, including colors, logo, etc. You can adjust the page so it matches your company site’s branding, and easily link to it from your website (or email, documents, etc.).

This allows our users to easily receive large files from anyone, whether or not they have an account with FilesDIRECT. Our new, expanded storage and robust tracking now make it easier than ever to send, receive and store files online - whether you’re transferring to or from co-workers, clients, consultants, friends or family.

We take pride in being able to offer these services with our super-simple interface. Why not sign up for a 1-month free trial and start receiving large files - free! - today?

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