How Does It Work?

FilesDIRECT is a web-based file transfer service built for businesses and organizations for sending large files and receiving large files regularly from multiple contacts such as clients and contractors. FilesDIRECT eliminates the hassles of FTP and limitations of Email.

The design revolves around the idea that clients and contractors are sending large files and receiving large files all time, but email transfers are slow and unreliable.  FilesDIRECT allows users to send or recieve files without the hassles of logging in with an account.

FilesDIRECT is about ease of use.  Your contacts do not need FilesDIRECT accounts to send files or receive files from you, only you or your organization will require an account with FilesDIRECT.

Receiving Files

When you sign up with FilesDIRECT, the system generates a web page specifically for your contacts to send you files.  When your contacts wish to start sending large files, they simply visit this web page, choose which file they would like to send, click “Send” and the sending process is complete. The files will be stored on the FilesDIRECT server, secured and easily accessible to you.

FilesDIRECT automatically sends two emails upon a sucessful transfer: a confirmation to the sender, and a notification to the user. The user logs into FilesDIRECT and downloads the files as needed.  FilesDIRECT is designed for large file transfer and each file can be up to 2GB in size!  All files uploaded to your account are only removed from the server when you choose to do so.

Sending Files

You may send files that are on the FilesDIRECT server to your clients or contractors.  You simply log into your account, select which files your would like to send out and the email addresses of your desired recipients.  Your recipients will receive an Email notification that the files are ready to be picked up.  A simple click on a link in the email and the transfer will start! Sending large files has never been so easy and reliable.

All file transfers with FilesDIRECT are secured with SSL (128-bit) encryption, the same level of encryption used for online banking. Each FilesDIRECT user’s files are kept in separate locations, visible and accessible only to their rightful account holder.

For more information about FilesDIRECT, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.

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Who Needs to Send Large Files?

There are many reasons for sending large files. The most common reason is because you need to transfer sophisticated digital content.  Sending large files to your clients or associates is essential for printers, graphics artists, lawyers, and many other professions.  Being capable of sending large files and receiving large files over the Internet can be a huge time saver and competitive advantage for your business. Unfortunately, sending large files or receiving large files via email is not only inefficient, it is often impossible depending on the size of the file. That is why FilesDIRECT is the perfect solution for sending large files over the Internet. The process is very straightforward. You simply log onto your account, upload a file which you would like to send, then you can specify the recipient you would like to have this file sent to. The recipient will receive an Email notification that there has been a file sent to them and ready to be picked up at FilesDIRECT. The recipient of these files simply click on a link, and a webpage will show up which only their files are available for them to download. With FilesDIRECT, sending large files has not been easier. Please set up a 30 day trial and start sending large files efficiently and effectively today!