Send Big Files Reliably

FilesDIRECT offers solid architecture that ensures top-notch security and availability. Our secure North American servers make sure that you can both send and receive your files easily, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Unlike older, outdated models of transferring information, your files are sent instantly, stored securely, and constantly traced, so you always know who has access to your data. As the premium online file transfer service, FilesDIRECT offers you:


  • Instant email notification lets you know when your file has uploaded
  • Our system accepts any type of file up to 2GB in size
  • Includes free online storage for your files
  • Can be used with any browser or operating system
  • Industry-leading support for our clients, including live phone support (even for our trial users!)
  • All account holders can track their files & transfers in real time (by file, IP, email address & time)