A word from one of our fantastic users!

Here is what one of our users is saying about there File Transfer and Storage experiences and why they prefer to use Files DIRECT when sending and receiving large files.

"As a print and design  firm our business information and security of our client's data is our top priority. With FileDirect we are confident that our client’s data is secure and managed by a staff of support professionals that focus on our needs and give us peace of mind while allowing us to focus on our business."

"In the past we have tried other offsite data storage services, but when we needed support all we got was answering machines, high bills and a support team that was less than knowledgeable about their services and our needs. We would recommend FileDirect’s services to our customers and are confident that they will treat them right.

Mike Amaral   
Oak Hill Printing And Copy Center

Thanks  Mike!  We always enjoy speaking to our users. In fact we provide phone support to all our users on every account!

Print | posted on Friday, December 04, 2009 12:00 AM


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